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Figure 9

From: Immunity, safety and protection of an Adenovirus 5 prime - Modified Vaccinia virus Ankara boost subunit vaccine against Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis infection in calves

Figure 9

MAP load in tissue 38 weeks post challenge. Mean and SEM of genome equivalents determined by MAP specific IS900 qPCR (assuming 17 copies per organism) in weighed samples of various tissue sites (4 lymph node, 3 ileum, 6 jejunum, 2 duodenum, 1 spleen, per animal) from HAV vaccinated (triangles) and Sham vaccinated (squares) calves taken 38 weeks post MAP challenge. Each point represents an average of all samples taken from each tissue site in a single animal with individual sample values being derived from averages of duplicate qPCR performed on DNA extracted from each sample. Mann-Whitney U tests show Sham vaccinated animals had significantly greater loads than HAV vaccinated animals in duodenum (P = 0.003), jejunum (P = 0.009) and spleen (P = 0.002).

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